Friday, January 13, 2012

Biotechnology Mini Project : Potential Oil Cleaning By Using Natural Waste Fiber

The purpose of this study was to understand the absorption capacity of hair comparing with other materials like coconut fiber, banana fiber taken from the  leaves as well as mix of hair with either both and determine which are usable and effective for cleaning-oil operations. Hair, coconut fiber and banana fiber, which are relatively abundant and renewable material has been currently be investigated and be used as adsorbents to remove the contamination of oil from water. 
The hair was collected from salons and has been cleaned and chosen properly as it might be contaminated with hair products for example hair dye. Coconut fibers was extracted from the its shell and be shredded to small parts, same goes with banana fiber which was taken from the middle of the leaves part, blended and dried for a while.  A comparison was made between sorbents: hair, hair mix with coconut fiber, hair mix with banana fiber, banana fiber and coconut fiber and their sorption ability was studied. The absorbents were tested with vegetable oil (palm oil) and petroleum oil (motor oil / 4T oil). 
Banana Fiber Structure
The tests proved that there are differences between sorption ability of sorbents and their effectiveness towards different types of oil. In this study, hair posses the best absorbent for palm oil test and when combined with coconut fiber, works best for motor oil as well. The least was banana fiber.

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