Wednesday, May 25, 2011

My Reflection on Problem-Based Learning In Animal Physiology

          First and foremost, what I felt for this PBL we had done was interesting and stimulates my interest to seek knowledge and information to be shared with my fellow mates. Furthermore, I also able to understand more our study case that involved our main topic to be discussed which is the sensory system a part from extra ideas of other topics for instance, immunity and nervous system. Next, our group organization consisted of a leader, a secretary which is me and also a treasurer. We made our several ground rules and everybody seems had given fully cooperative along our meetings. Everyone had given their very best and I praised for my mates for their efforts to make us understand the situations and find solutions a part from sharing views and knowledge as well. Next, floating facilitations was done by our lecturer as we all had formed many groups in a class which every group would present their findings to be shared. 
So far, I understand the need of this kind of facilitation as it is much easier for the lecturer to handle many groups in a time without neglecting every member of the class  as the lecturer will go to each groups to assess and assist everybody to understand the problem. Problems that I encountered for example, I don’t have a clear view on some of the learning issues or during synthesis session, I seek for it through the internet and books first. After that, I shared my inquiries and prior knowledge with my mates and we discussed together among us.  If we do not managed to get the solutions together, we will asked the other groups opinions and if still unclear, then we should consult with our lecturer, but so far, my group able to make our own solutions together. Last but not least, I enjoyed this PBL session and I appreciate everybody who contribute this and shared knowledge with me and others as well.

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