Saturday, April 30, 2011

Ecology Mini Project : The Effects Of Human Activities Towards Sungai Bernam - A Reflection

We were assigned to organize our group mini project which will be a continues research along the 13 weeks given. Our lecturer would facilitate us and monitored our group work progress which supposed to be every week. But due to time management problem, we consulted with our lecturer for few times
We created our own mini project with guidance from our meeting with our lecturer. For group settlement, we appointed Rio Raydy Ujang as our team leader. Our group consists of four of us; me, Yip Sook Hun , Rio and Maria Ting. For group task, we divided a pair each with own part and work. Everybody had given the best effort they have and corporate very well. I am very glad with my fellow mates though sometime we find a bit difficult to seek an ample time together and discuss. Eventhough time limits us to gather, we did set a day to do investigation together.
Our mini project which deals with the water quality at Sungai Bernam, was the second choice that we had as our first was already be grabbed by other group. Yet, I found that this mini project was interesting as we will seek and explore by our own first about things that we need to know in order to hold our own project. Furthermore, through several meeting with lecturer and lab assistant, plus with surfing information on the net, had increased and widen my horizon regarding investigation on water quality. Previously, I did not have knowledge on how to indicate whether the water we drink, swim and so on is safe or not. What I understand is the surrounding’s condition that determines the quality. For example is the cloudiness of the water. Instead, we can study the cloudiness of the water by using TSS (total suspended solid) where we measure the total sediments that suspends in the water, as well as turbidity.
I could understand more by doing own research as well as discussing with my fellow teammates. Other than that, by several meeting that we had met, somehow we could understand some points that are needed to perform the task even though the result we get might not be what we expected. Instead, we learnt through our mistakes and that is the best knowledge that we could achieved. I really appreciate our work and ideas together and hope all of us will get the benefit.

For further detail report and slide presentation , please have a look at this link :
Ecology Mini Project Report 
Ecology Mini Project Slide Presentation

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